No Words Can Say

No words can say what the world has been feeling from the day that Manchester took a hit for the life of liberty.

Each one of us have been granted with life to live so who gives the right to someone else to take it from them?

No individual should be granted the glory of distroying so many lives and no one should stand on a pedestal and conduct how the world should live.

Stand back and take stock of the legacy you are leaving behind.  Take stock for what the world will be if you don’t appreciate the glory that was bestowed upon us as human beings.  Our presence did not just happen – there is a reason why we are blessed with life and a reason why we are created to live amongst one another.

Don’t waste your opportunity to do good on behalf of “Human Kind”  we all have to answer one day!  #ONE SHOT GLORY – MAKE IT COUNT.

Manchester our thougths are with you and all those affected by another wicked act.